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Lead Process Design Basics

  • CRM

In this informative video about lead processes, Dr. John Smoak delves into the essential aspects of lead processes, statuses, activities, and outcomes and how they should reflect your corporate best practices. He breaks down what a process is, the purpose… Read More »Lead Process Design Basics

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Sales Process Basics 3

  • CRM

A dynamic sales process is critical to business success. Review this video and subscribe to this channel to learn Industry Best Practices for designing Sales Processes and how to implement in your CRM system. In Part 3 of 3 of… Read More »Sales Process Basics 3

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Sales Process Basics 2

  • CRM

00:00:02:03 – 00:00:24:13John SmoakIn this video, we’re going to talk about defining your sales stages and naming your sales stages. In part one of three, we talked about naming stages. At this point we’re going to do our definitions. So… Read More »Sales Process Basics 2

Sales Process Design Basics

Sales Process Basics Pt. 1

  • CRM

When a company adds dynamic sales processes to their business metrics, performance improves on every level. A well-defined process acts as a roadmap, guiding reps for each stage of the sales process by tracking key metrics in this process. You… Read More »Sales Process Basics Pt. 1