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We are a team of highly-experienced, certified Salesforce business partners, delivering exceptional Salesforce consulting services to help our clients achieve their goals. 

The Support You Need

Our Peace of Mind Service and Support Plan is designed for small to mid sized businesses that need full time or part time Salesforce Administrator support at a fixed monthly cost. Our administrators are all Salesforce certified and have experience in a variety of companies and can bring Industry best practices to your organization. We also have a network of other resources that a lone administrator will not enjoy.

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We provide you with ongoing help of your technology investments. We start by getting to understand your business needs and goals. Then, we develop a customized Salesforce solution that meets your specific requirements, and we provide training and support all throughout the process. We proactively maintain and leverage your Salesforce to drive the best results for your business. As part of our plan, you will be assigned a primary administrator contact who will have knowledgeable backup when on vacation or ill.  

Our support is proactive and designed to be an extension of your staff. As Salesforce innovates, we will keep you informed and up to date on the latest innovations which are delivered three times per year in major releases. This is nearly impossible for a lone administrator, especially a part time administrator that has other duties in your company.

All Companies Need to Continue to Maintain Their System. That’s Where We Come In.

Salesforce recommends a full time administrator for companies that have 31 licenses or more. Click here to see the true cost of Salesforce ownership that leads to the maximum value realization and user experience.

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Our service is affordable, fast and knowledgeable

We only hire the best. ALL of our Administrators are Certified Salesforce Administrators

Our Administrators will support your business 24 hours per day for less than the cost of an employee

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Let’s Get Started

Get a quote on a custom solution or ongoing service plans.

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