Hidden Costs

Salesforce recommends best practices that include a full time administrator for companies that have 31 licenses or more. Click here to review Salesforce Best Practices for Administrators.

All companies need to service their system and require some level of support. That’s where we come in. Our Certified Salesforce Administrators can support your business 24 hours per day at half the cost of a direct employee per user.

The following table is a direct copy of Salesforce’s best practice recommendations:

This is a cost that Salesforce does not often make you aware of when making the investment in the licenses.

According to, the national average salary for a full time Salesforce administrator is $62,504. When you add employment taxes, benefits, space, equipment, supervision, etc, the true cost will easily exceed $100,000. If your full time salesforce administrator handles the maximum number of users recommended by Saleforce, your administrator cost per user is $1,351 per year at it’s most cost effective level.

A small to mid sized business needs to budget at least this much per user though complexity factors (integrations, multiple business units, diverse geography, etc.) may require additional costs.

According to Salesforce recommendations, a small business with 10 users should budget at least $13,500 per year for Salesforce adminstration. This will almost double the cost of the 10 user licenses but administration is needed to maintain data quality and system integrity and realize the full potential of the system.

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