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Sales Process Basics 3

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A dynamic sales process is critical to business success. Review this video and subscribe to this channel to learn Industry Best Practices for designing Sales Processes and how to implement in your CRM system.

In Part 3 of 3 of this informative video, Dr. John Smoak explores defining outcomes (information you need to uncover) and the benefits of assigning a confidence level (probability %) to individual pieces of information that will impact your ability to close a deal and significantly improve your win rates. This video provides detailed reasons and benefits for taking your sales processes to the next level. Dr. Smoak recommends leveraging CRM systems like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho CRM for effective sales management, emphasizing the distinction between probability percentages and forecast categories as part of accurate forecasting. Viewers are encouraged to watch Part 3 of 3, where Dr. Smoak reveals advanced forecasting techniques and free tools for enhanced prediction accuracy. If you’re looking to enable and/or optimize your sales process and improve deal closure rates, this video offers valuable insights and practical advice.

Benefits of a well-defined sales process include:

1. Increased revenue

2. Consistent close rates

3. New sales reps onboard faster with your best practice implementation

4. More reps achieve quota